This was one of the first wallpapers where I made a space scene. Planet didn't go as well as I wanted. The space itself was easy. It was a black layer with some slight noise. Then added a blue/black cloud layer over top of it with the blending mode of screen which made the black transparent. This created the nebula type effect. The sun effect was simply a lense flare on a black layer set to the blending mode of screen. Again the black was transparent with only the lense flare showing through.

Vandread was a funny series. It is a scifi series where men and women live on different planets and are at war with eachother. The characters in the series on each planet have never been around the opposite gender so it makes for some comedy scenes worth laughing at. All the space scenes using CG and the the rest was the cell painted animation. The first line on the first episode is "Women are monsters."

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