Ino Yamanaka (Naruto)

The interesting part of doing this wallpaper was editing the character itself. The picture came from some sort of hentai fan art. The flap of cloth in the front was not originally there and instead showed a camel toe of bandages. So I had to make the flap come over from the side yet look like it was suppose to be there. I think it worked. The background was obviously a combination of a fiery texture under another black beveled layer. Turned out pretty good I think.

Most anyone who watches anime has heard of Naruto. If you watch it on Cartoon Network though it might seem like the series is geared towards kids but it really isn't. Cartoon Network censors some of the violence and blood in it. In the uncut version that airs in Japan it is more adult in nature. It has a lot of action and drama to it which is more likely to be understood by teens or adults not little kids. The series and manga are still on going. The anime has had over 300 episodes so far. The only problem with the anime is the huge amount of filler episodes which are designed to help prevent the anime from catching up with the manga. Some of the fillers are really bad and made me want to stop watching the series. When it is on story though the series is great.

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