Gundam Seed Destiny

The stars were simply adding a noise filter onto a black layer. The sun was a lense flare onto a black layer with the blending mode set to screen. The blue color in the space area was a blue and black cloud filter with the layer set to screen and a low opacity. The fun part of this was the planet. The planet was entirely made from photoshop which I thought wasn't too bad. First time I have tried to do a earth like planet in photoshop. Took quite a bit of tweeking to get it that way.

Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny were the first Gundam series I really liked. The others up to that point were ok or not so great. I liked the character development that happened in the series. I also liked the way the childhood friends who were thrust onto opposite sides of a war interacted. Between Seed and Seed Destiny there were about 100 episodes which makes for lots of entertainment. I can completely kill a 3 day weekend watching those two series back to back. (I have done it)

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