Miharu Sena Kanaka (Girls Bravo)

I thought it would be fun to do a March wallpaper. I found a good picture I liked but her dress was the wrong color. It was red so I had to change it green. Then added a 4 leaf clover in her hand. Then in photoshop created the white fence that it looks like she is leaning against. I then decided to make it look like a photograph. I found two photos online to use. One of them had a great sky and the other had a great field. I cut the sky out of the field photo and added the new sky. Once that was done I then blurred the background since in a photo sometimes when you focus on an object near by the objects in the background might become unfocused.

Girls Bravo tells the story of a boy who is allergic to girls. Women in his life bully him all the time which is what caused the allergy. One day he gets transported to another world. The only problem is this world is 90% women. There he meets a girl who does cause him to break out in hives from his allergy. After making it back home that girl ends up with him. It is a funny series with lots of fan service. It is a harem series where there are multiple women after the main character.

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