Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa (Full Metal Panic)

The idea on this one was to create what looks like a postcard. I need to work on clouds and water more though. I think the idea was sound though. I even I think managed to successfully had some extra color to Tessa to make it look like she belonged with that sky (some orange on the edges of her). I chose to make the postcard is angled some cause it being a straight on shot might look too manufacturered or obvious.

Full Metal Panic is a wonderful series. It has a great blend of action and comedy. Comedy when at the highschool and action most everywhere else. The main character is so perfectly odd when placed in the school that it is a joy to see what he does next. The character of Tessa is actually a captain of a submarine which the main character works for. She is his boss so to speak. Tessa though is not the main female lead and though she likes the main character, she is not likely to end up with him in the end. She has a very soft sweet voice.

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