Lucy / Nyuu (Elfen Lied)

I decided to try a second attempt at an Elfen Lied wallpaper. This time went less creepy. I thought it turned out much better this time. The moon was a great addiction. Obviously I used the same image of Lucy twice only one of them more subtle. I always try to make the main action of the graphic either in the center or on the right. Most people have icons on the left part of the wallpaper so better not to have all the action covered up.

Elfen Lied is one of the great series. If you like violence then this is great. There is like 25 people who die in the first 5 minutes of the series quite violently. Besides the violence it has a great story. I almost wish it was longer cause I hated to see it end. Though the ending kind of left it open for more.

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