Aya Natsume (Tenjho Tenge)

I thought it would be neat to do a combination of color with black n white. There really wasn't anything special done in photoshop though. The reason I did this wallpaper was she was my favorite character in the anime. She was so much fun to watch and was a hidden bad ass.

Tenjho Tenge has a lot of action and violence. It starts off with two guys who start at a new high school and decide to become the kings of the school. On their first day they start beating the hell out of everyone they meet but they didn't expect to run into a little girl and a guy who would beat them easily. The little girl is actually a highschool student who has compressed her energy to the point she can take the form of a small child. In her normal form she is a very busty, beautiful and deadly woman. This woman knocks one of the new guys out the window and into the shower of dojo outside where the woman's sister was showering. The sister decides she is in love with the guy and wants to marry him. He doesn't like the forwardness though. Another problem is that the top men of the school decide they need to be eliminated for beating up all the other students on the first day. I want more of this series. They need another season.

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