Chocolat Misu (Sorcerer Hunters)

I needed to do a new Sorcerer Hunters wallpaper cause the last one I had done was not so great. I decided to devote it to Chocolat since I like her so much. Normal style here of a interesting pattern background with some character shots in the front.

Sorcerer Hunters is my favorite anime of them all. For some reason I have yet to find one I personally like better. Most people don't think it was that great of a series but I loved it. Chocolat Misu is my favorite female anime character. She is so aggressive in her quest to get Carrot for herself. Her jealousy is quite funny in the series. The series is a fantasy based series with magic, swords, whips, etc. The manga is better and tells a complete story. The anime is great but if you read the manga you find the anime is only a little less than half the story. You can't tell that from the anime though so if you watch it all you might think it was complete.

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