Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)

This wallpaper was rather fun to do. Two different pictures cut out of Suzaku showing a couple of differnet sides of his personality with the larger picture having a soft glow on it. I did 4 color panes with a picture over it of another character Euphie. She kind of goes psycho in the series and starts killing people. This is when she does it. In the far background is sort of a multicolor stain glass window texture. I am not saying this is my best work but still turned out pretty neat.

Code Geass was a great series with two seasons. In it the main character is kind of the bad guy and that is who you end up rooting for. He has good intentions but his motives and actions are not what a normal hero would do. His actions and persona is more like a villian than the hero. It was incredibly done. I can't really speak negatively about the series. The first season leaves off without a clear ending and makes you kind of really need the second season. The first episode of the second season had me a little confused at first but near the end of it I was more clear how it picked up from the first season. The series is an action series with some large robots in it. Lots of violence, blood, and action which makes the series very interesting.

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